Art and the Visual Brand

Program for senior managers responsible for sales, marketing and brand decisions, designed to help them understand visual perception and culture using art.

  • Format: Online Video Sessions with Instructor
  • Duration: 90 Mins

Program Description

Art and The Visual Brand is designed to help executive teams in charge of day to day brand decision-making to make sense of the visual aspects of their brands.

While this program does not require artistic ability, it does require an understanding of brand building processes such as visual-identity and brand strategy development.

We work with the client team to first understand the state of the brand, to develop a bespoke visual-thinking program designed to improve decision-making ability on brand communication.

The program systematically builds participants understanding of visual-perception in art and the behavioral architectures typically employed by artists to evoke mood and shifts in viewer behavior.

Why does your team need Visual-Thinking skills?

We live in an increasingly visual world. An explosion of visual media, including video, as well as newer augmentation technologies over the past decade has fundamentally changed how people understand and interpret the brand messages that permeate their lives.

The modern businesses institution, the structures of which are still Taylorist in their foundations were formed primarily on the basis of verbal thinking. A reflection of imaging technologies of its time, as much as it was of analytical techniques, modern management methods have primarily relied on words and numbers, documents and spreadsheets.

The explosion in new imaging and image augmentation technologies, alongside the wide adoption of social media tech, has seen a transformation in the digital infrastructure used to manage and run the modern business. Business Dashboards, for instance, provide real-time data, which decades earlier may have been presented once a quarter as voluminous reports.

The Importance of Brand Semiotics

While technologies have transformed the ways in which we plan and grow the business, the ways in which we think are still primarily verbal. This is especially the case with regards to brand management.

Visuals are a large component of brand management. From the visual-identity itself to social media messages and video brand campaigns, the visual brand creates brand identity.

Brand managers and other brand decision-makers have to assess and make sense of visual culture in both their own, as well as competitor brands. Ideas such as sophistication, prestige, charisma and style of the brand, constructed in visual form, requires an understanding of both brand semiotics as well as visual culture.

Art for the Visual Brand introduces Visual perception in Art, and Behavioural Design through a series of systematic modules of 40 minutes each to help the executive team gain a strong grounding in visual brand principles.

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