Art for Business Creativity

Program to promote creative thinking in the workplace using visual art techniques.

  • Format: Online Video Sessions with Instructor
  • Duration: 30 Mins x 8 Sessions
  • Art Material Provided (optional)

Program Description

Art for Business Creativity is a systematic program designed to help build divergent thinking skills in executive teams. The purpose of building divergent and visual thinking skills is to improve creativity and the potential for innovation in new products, services and business processes.

Participants do not require any artistic ability or prior knowledge of art for this program. The focus of the program is to improve creative thinking ability in the team but using art as a lens to see existing business expertise in a new light.

The program systematically teaches visual-design principles as a basis for problem-solving. By using art media and principles as an analogy for business concepts, the program helps participants look at business processes, tactics and markets in entirely new ways.

Creativity involves seeing things differently

The ACS, an index developed by McKinsey, answers the fundamental question of creativity in business. Does creativity generate business value? What they discovered was that creative companies did better than their peers on two key business metrics – Financial Performance and Innovation.

Among the biggest misconceptions of creativity is that it is fun, requires no prior knowledge and is all about free play. Research has found instead that creativity actually requires hard work and a depth of knowledge of the field in question. It requires a mindset that is capable of operating in uncertainty, of using uncertainty itself as a catalyst to spur creative thinking.

Using Art as a lens for Creative Thinking

Art has traditionally been considered as a creative pursuit. Even though research indicates that creativity applies across all fields, the arts especially have always been associated with the creative spirit.

Artists have long used visual-art as a medium for a range of applications. The arts allow us to bring to life abstract ideas from society, science, philosophy and commerce and it is hardly a surprise to note that prominent thinkers such as Richard Feynman, Winston Churchill, among a host of others turned to art as a way to augment thinking skills in their own domains.

The Art for Business Creativity program uses Art as a lens to study creativity and problem-solving. It systematically trains participants on how to use the language of art, of visual metaphors and symbols as an analogy for problem-solving and creative generation in the business.

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