Art for Workplace Wellness

Program to promote workplace wellness, through mitigating stress and anxiety using visual art.

  • Format: Online Video Sessions with Instructor
  • Duration: 45 Mins x 8 Sessions
  • Art Material Provided (optional)

Program Description

The Art for Workplace Wellness program uses techniques from Art Therapy and Mindfulness training to help employees de-stress, relax and be refreshed from the pressure of daily work.

Participants do not require previous knowledge of Art, or do not need to possess artistic ability to participate in the program. The focus is not on improving artistic skills, but to use artistic practices to create flow, an immersive state of mind that creates enjoyment and a sense of satisfaction.

The sessions teach techniques for mindful mark-making, creative interpretation and self-expression. The program is a bespoke offering and modules will be customized to fit into ongoing workforce wellness initiatives.

Stress and the Indian Workforce

The stress levels of people in the Indian Workforce have been higher compared to other countries, even before the pandemic. A study by CignaTTK Health Insurance in 2018 for instance, reported that about 89% of respondents said they were suffering from stress, against a global average of 86%.

The Covid-19 pandemic has severely disrupted workplace norms, adding even more pressure to an already stressed-out workforce. Lockdowns have necessitated the practice of working from home, bringing together what were previously distinctly different spaces. The cognitive dissonance that arises from a lack of separation between work and home creates even more stress, in a vicious, continual cycle.

Using Art to De-stress

Studies have shown that even a brief experience of art-making produced physiological changes in most participants. One study published in the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association reveals that “art-making can lower cortisol levels regardless of prior experience with art…” Professor Girija Kaimal from Drexel University, one of the researchers behind the study, explains that the study focused on self expression, an approach to drawing that involves expressing how you feel through drawing and painting.

Art as Self Expression

Drawing and Art making are among our earliest pursuits. We learn to draw even before we learn to speak, and drawing becomes one of our fondest if often forgotten childhood memories. Drawing is in this sense, a fundamental activity, something that comes effortlessly to all of us. Indeed, an evocation of pleasurable childhood memories is one of the effects of art-making as reported by participants.

Other Studies have shown that creating art even weekly can increase introspection and empathy for others, because art making activates the default mode network of the brain, the brain regions that seem to be activated when thinking about one’s own, or other’s actions.

Participants report Art making as a relaxing, pleasurable process helping them learn new aspects of themselves and their relationships. In our own Art sessions, participants have reported feeling a sense of peace and calm from the art-making process.

Our Art for Workplace Wellness program does not require participants to have artistic ability to participate in the program. We use short 30 – 40 minute sessions, one per week to gradually help the participants unwind, and focus.

To learn more about how this program can help your workforce recharge itself, please get in touch.