Business Context Integration

Employee Engagement Programs are literally drivers of Business Performance, and yet so many engagement initiatives miss the opportunity to anchor engagement to Business Goals.

Our integration services help plug this gap through engagement frameworks and roadmaps that drive real business impact.

Bridging Talent Strategies with Business Performance

Employee Engagement Programs, championed by HR, are not standalone endeavors; they are the backbone of business performance.

Take as an example, Transformation initiatives. To effective organizational transformations need to be augmented by change management and acceleration initiatives, which, in turn, should be driven by meticulously designed employee engagement programs.

This type of chain-linking bridges talent strategies with Business Performance.

Chain-Linking Employee Engagement to Business Impact

We grasp the strategic importance of chaining these initiatives together to propel Business Impact. Our Integration team collaborates with your HR and business stakeholders, ensuring our engagement programs align perfectly with your ongoing initiatives to deliver maximum impact.


Enhancing performance of Cross-Functional Teams

Developing, communicating and executing an engagement program to enhance the performance of Cross-Functional Teams at Flipkart.

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Integrating our Programs into Flipkart’s Business Initiatives

We worked closely with the management team at Flipkart, over a 3-month period, to design and execute a series of Ideation sessions for change management.

The sessions involved a 3 stage process.

First, to communicate the intent for change through a structured employee communications program.

Next, we conducted several highly localized sessions at each of the main Flipkart offices to determine employee perspectives.

Finally, we conducted a deep-dive ideation and co-creation exercise with senior leaders.

Outcomes of the ideation sessions were a unified approach to managing change, across all departments. Cross-functional teams had a clearer line of communication for projects that required collaborative execution.

How Integration Works

Consultation and Engagement Strategy: Our Integration team engages with key stakeholders to map out your business challenges and recommend engagement programs tailored to your specific goals.

A framework and roadmap for engagement roll-out.

Employer Branding & Communication: We craft creative communication and employer branding assets that precede the launch of your engagement program. This ensures program visibility and enthusiastic participation from your employees.

Brand and Communication Collateral

Measurable Impact: After your program has been rolled out, we conduct a post-session debrief and provide impact reports on engagement, allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of the initiative.

Program Impact Report.

With our integration expertise, we help you build a cohesive strategy that merges the world of Employee Engagement with tangible business results.

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