Recraft, Rethink

This is a unique storytelling workshop tailored for Leaders. Recraft, Rethink uses Speculative Fiction to craft future scenarios – an important strategic mindset that prepares leaders for the uncertainties ahead. It combines the art of storytelling with strategic thinking, empowering participants to reimagine and reshape organizational futures.


Program Details

Program LengthSingle Session (3 Hours)
Session TypeVirtual or On-Location
Session Duration180 Mins
Min Team Size12

About Recraft, Rethink

This workshop invites participants to explore the power of Speculative Fiction in anticipating and shaping Future Landscapes. By weaving narratives of possible futures, this workshop leverages disciplines and concepts such as Design Fiction, Future Casting, and Scenario Building to develop a unique skill set crucial for corporate leaders. Learn Storytelling to use the art of the long view and uncover strategic insights in an ever-evolving business environment.

Program Details

  • The sessions can be conducted on Location, Offsite or Virtually
  • Depending on the total size of the cohort, participants may be divided into smaller teams
  • Each session will be guided by a trained facilitator
  • Towards the end of the program, participants will present their scenarios in an open session

Program Outcome

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Master the art of Speculative Fiction as a tool for envisioning and understanding future possibilities.
  • Develop the skill of Future Casting, enabling corporate leaders to anticipate trends and proactively respond to emerging challenges.
  • Embrace Back Casting techniques to reverse-engineer desired future scenarios and inform present-day strategic decisions.
  • Cultivate a strategic mindset by exploring the Art of the Long View, enhancing the ability to navigate complexity and uncertainty.

Who will benefit from this program?

  • Corporate Leaders and Executives: Hone your strategic foresight by integrating the principles of Speculative Fiction into your leadership toolkit.
  • Innovation Teams: Foster a culture of forward-thinking innovation by using speculative scenarios.
  • Strategic Planners and Analysts: Deepen your ability to forecast and analyze future trends, equipping yourself with a unique skill set that goes beyond traditional strategic planning.