Category: innovation

  • Recraft, Rethink

    Recraft, Rethink

    FOCUS AREAS: STRATEGIC-THINKING LEADERSHIP CREATIVITY This is an unique storytelling workshop tailored for Leaders. Recraft, Rethink uses Speculative Fiction to craft future scenarios – an important strategic mindset that prepares leaders for the uncertainties ahead.

  • Strategy by Watercolour

    Strategy by Watercolour

    FOCUS AREAS: STRATEGIC-THINKING LEADERSHIP VISUAL-THINKING An innovative workshop that leverages the principles of watercolor painting to discover how the layered process of watercolor art mirrors the stages of strategic planning.

  • Absurd Inventions

    Absurd Inventions

    FOCUS AREAS: INNOVATION CREATIVITY VISUAL-THINKING Ignite your creativity with Absurd Inventions, a 2-hour workshop in Speculative Design. Dive into a world of imagination where participants invent the absurd using craft materials. Unleash your inventive spirit and explore the unconventional in this hands-on, two-hour journey.

  • Visual Detective

    Visual Detective

    FOCUS AREAS: BRANDING INNOVATION CREATIVITY For Brand and Product Managers – join us as we delve into the world of symbols, signs, and visual language to decipher the hidden meanings behind cultural trends.

  • Design-Fiction 101

    Design-Fiction 101

    FOCUS AREAS: INNOVATION SERVICE DESIGN VISUAL-THINKING While actually predicting the future is hard, the act of developing scenarios helps us prepare roadmaps that are useful. Design Fiction uses methods from speculative design to create future what-if scenarios.