Experience the Power of Art in the Workplace

Workplace Art Interventions to reduce Stress, spark Creativity and enable Team-work

No Prior Art Experience Needed

Art for Workplace Wellness

Discover how Art can mitigate stress, anxiety, loneliness and improve mental health in the workforce

Art and the Visual Brand

Discover how Art can help you build a stronger visual Brand by understanding visual perception and visual culture

Art for Workplace Communities

Explore how Art can help fight social isolation and workplace loneliness by building more resilient teams

Art for Business Creativity

Experience how Art can help ignite creativity and build divergent thinking skills for business problem solving

Even a little Art Making leads to real Physiological changes in participants

Creating Art in the workplace has less to do with artistic proficiency and more to do with the artistic process itself. A study published in the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association found that just 45 minutes of artistic activity significantly lowered cortisol levels in participants. The process of making art is ideal for creating a flow state, lowering stress and rejuvenating the mind.

Our programs are customized to each organization we work with, based on initial needs assessment with stakeholders in the HR team. The sessions are designed to fit the work culture and team dynamic at each unique workplace.

Discover how Art can transform Workforce Motivation and Creativity

A brief consultation with our team can help you define how Art Interventions can help you build resilience in your workforce.