Category: leadership

  • Strategy by Watercolour

    Strategy by Watercolour

    FOCUS AREAS: STRATEGIC-THINKING LEADERSHIP VISUAL-THINKING An innovative workshop that leverages the principles of watercolor painting to discover how the layered process of watercolor art mirrors the stages of strategic planning.

  • Our Future Selves

    Our Future Selves

    FOCUS AREAS: INNOVATION CREATIVITY WELLNESS In a world of constant change, proactively shaping your destiny is a powerful skill. This program is for anyone seeking clarity and direction. It provides tools and concepts for visualising ideal futures and working towards them.

  • The Art of Leadership

    The Art of Leadership

    FOCUS AREAS:LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION STRATEGIC-THINKING The best way to learn leadership is by leading. The next best way – through our awesome Leadership Book Club that explores 10 legendary books on leadership.

  • The Art of Negotiation

    The Art of Negotiation

    FOCUS AREAS: COMMUNICATION LEADERSHIP COLLABORATION The ability to negotiate effectively is an important skill in today’s work environment. This program explores the intricacies of negotiation through the practice of Theatre and Role-Play.