About Work From Art

If Employee Engagement is the emotional, physical and cognitive immersion of employees with their workspace, what better way than to use ideas that they already know, practice and love?

Work from Art was founded with the vision of infusing concepts from Visual-Culture and the Arts into Employee Motivation, Engagement and Team-building through imaginative and interactive events, workshops, and activities.

With a diverse array of virtual, in-person, and hybrid programs, our mission is to transcend flash-in-the-pan events to create experiences that not only entertain but also stimulate collaboration, enhance communication, and build a transformational work culture.

Our offerings encompass a broad spectrum of domains, embracing team-building activities, specialized L&D sessions, wellness programs, and MICE experiences, among others. Our programs cater to everything from intimate team engagements to expansive group activities and outbound training sessions.

Boost your Employer Brand using the Soft Power of Visual Culture

Qualitative and sensorial experiences such as Stories, Illustrations, Cinema and Music shape human behavior and preferences.

Our integration support helps augment ongoing initiatives such as Employee Benefits Programs, Change Management, or Work-Culture Transformations.

High Engagement = High Performance

Engagement through Visual-Culture empowers teams to form fresh ideas and perspectives. Tap into the power of visual storytelling to build a vibrant, more productive work culture.

Crafted for happiness

Our programs are crafted to spark a sense of freedom and happiness. Psychological studies have demonstrated that dedicating time to hobbies significantly enhances well-being. Even dedicating just one or two hours per week can have a profound impact.

Learning by association

Soft skills are most effectively acquired indirectly, because people tend to learn through association. This explains the significance of metaphors in everyday communication. Our programs are crafted to convey essential concepts using visual-culture metaphors.

Nudged by design

Our learning design team uses behavioral design strategies to create programs that have a positive impact. Through carefully designed programs, conducted consistently by well-trained facilitators, we ensure high engagement as well as successful business outcomes.

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Work From Art is an Employee Engagement, L&D and Team Building Lab that uses Visual-Culture and Arts based approaches to Organizational Development.

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